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    World News and Updates:

Looking for some good Artists for webpage art and in game items/monsters email me at jon AT rpgwo.net with some samples

Shadow (5/5/2007)


*Frost Hedges Added

*Steel Walls Makeable

*Added Everlasting Fireplaces

*Added Ice Lanterns

*Energy Mace Fixed

*Statue Added

*New Token Exchange Vendor added

*SW and SE Couches/Frames are makeable

*Etheria Bars Makeable

*Some new images….more to come later


Shadow (4/20/2007)


*Painted Furniture Added and Makeable

*New Enhancement Spell

*New Gem Wands

*Pearl Armor Makeable

*Plus on Water Drake fixed

*Marlin Image Fixed

*Copper Coal Pit usages added

*Some other stuff, figure it out J


Shadow (3/3/2007)


*Guild-based Events with a Guild Point System

*New Enhancement Spell

*Some more water monsters

*New Player Images

*New Images of Encrusted Objects

*Demon Quest Added

*Mailed Fist Quest Added

*New CTF Arena

*Viking Quest Added

*Chocolate Milk :)

*Some appeal fixes

*Welcome our new @admin and mod :)


Shadow (2/17/2007)


Colored Stairs Makable

Fury Quest and monsters Completed

Elven Quest Completed

Fountain of Youth and Ammys Fixed

New Enhancement Spell

New Log Walls added

Cherry Wood Walls makable

Iron Gates Lockable

Some new Images

Fixed Multi Plough

Gingerbread Men Makable

New Fireplaces Added

Grills Added

Images for Different Fish Lures added

Shadow (1/4/2007)

-Increased trader xp

-a lot of appeal fixes

-Introducing the Fury monsters (not yet complete)

-some other stuff..figure it out...:)


Shadow (12/18/2006)


*Some sectors were changed

*Pig usages added

*Couple new spells

*Added the Enhancement Skill

*Over 1000 usages added

*New Tools

*THE weapons added

*Event items added

*Holiday items added

*Some more random stuff, too much to say, find out yourself :P



EchoDolphin5 (11/22//06)


· We Wiped! Please make a new account (remember one account per person and you must get multi permission before someone else in your household makes an account.)

· Added "Whips" as a skill

· New maps

· Jewelry Making is gone

· Rune Combos have changed

· Red Magic Other 1 and 2 spells are back

· The Underground farming is finally finished

· New wood fences

· New couches

· Red Brick Walls were added

· CTF added

· More new items

· Some new monsters

· Theres other stuff but I cant remember...soo find out yourself

Welcome and Enjoy :)


Thanks to all of those who contributed their work and time in order to make this new Shadow possible-There are too many of you to name, but you know who you are. So thank you <3


Shadow (10/5//06)

· Gave Scythes about 10% more damage

· Fixed some things.

· Added a statue

· I did some other things but i cant remember so find out yourself :P


Shadow (9/14//06)

· Armors have been changed

· New Quest NPC added

· Spell Animations added/changed

· Fixed some things

· Fencing Added :D


Shadow (8/31//06)

· New Shields

· Stuff for an upcoming quest

· Throwing was changed

· New Spell

· Some changes to a couple Black and White Mag spells

· Some fun items :)

· Some usages fixed

·  Person Man sucks at arcade games.


Shadow (8/11//06)

· Glowing Spheres makable

· Spirits Fixed

· Fish eyes stackable

· Tradeskill gained xp increased

· New Fish

· Scale Armor added-usages coming soon

· Congrats Lizzy on player of the month!


Shadow (7/30//06)

·  Obsidian fixed

·  Magma and Etheria usages adjusted

·  Mutated Drakes fixed and armor finished

·  Drake Tooth and Rabbits Foot drop rates increased

·  Clouds fixed. (hopefully)

·  Damon Crossbow usage fixed, unstrung cross-/bow smeltable

·  Damon Damage upped by 10%

·  Removed Wicken melee attack as it's never used anyways

·  Trying to keep the dog from scanning by removing the scan line completely

·  Magi and Crystal Drake Armor exchanged. No loss for the players as

only names and images changed but not the stats on the items the players


·  Trivia Token image changed

·  Frog Legs cookable

·  Fish Eyes available

·  Bow speed increased, Still open for further balancing

·  Staff WeaponAL increased

·  Scythe Critical bonus increased.

·  Scorpion images changed


Shadow (7/23//06)

·  New Monsters.

·  Mutated Drake Armor

·  Some usages fixed

·  Everlasting flames

·  And much  more!

·  We miss you [UnKnown] please return like the legend says.


Shadow (7/15//06)

·  Cabinets are lockable

·  Two monsters added.

·  Statues added.

·  Different types of traps added.


Shadow (7/8//06)

·  New images.
·  Fixes.
·  Hedges makable.
·  New Monsters coming.
·  New statues added.


Shadow (7/5//06)

·  Salting of meat changed.
·  Jerky can be made in batches of 100 now, too.
·  Played around with some monsters.
·  Changed Bow to (Dex+Quick)/3.
·  Changed Stat divisor of offensive magics to 3.

·  New monsters

·  New statues for hall of fame.


Shadow (7/2//06)

· Cauldron removable
· Weapon dynamics fixed
· Throwing weapons nerved
· Some irregularities with other weapons fixed
· Boiled Eggs added
· Cherry wood used for fine arrows and more
· Vamp Pot adjusted


Shadow (6/23//06)

· New obsidian stuff. Find out for yourself. Hahahahahahahahahahahahh

· Lots of stuff fixed

· Ultimate Quanth Golems makeable

· 250 new items. So there are more updates here then it sounds heh.


Shadow (6/12//06)

· Whale save added.

· Corrupt drake and magma drake armor’s added.

· Aqua armor added

· PJ’s added

· Turtle Dragon monster added.

· You can now turn water into gold.

· Other new stuff.

· Player of the moment goes to Person Man


Shadow (5/27//06)

·New monsters added
·New staff added.

·New drake images added.

·New spells.

·Rune images fixed. Spark images added.

Shadow (5/14//06)

·Gold scraps made to bars with Jewelry Making
·Demon Armor/Helm/Legs/Shield repairing fixed
·Removed one of the young yeast usages
·All corn plants now a plant
·Moveable coal pit now usable
·All keys usable on log doors
·Magic spell books repairable
·Etheria items all makable with same skill level
·Bow of distance now makeable with long bow
·Steel armor and such now resmeltable
·Fixed diamond golem image number.
·Fixed wear image on mutant chest
·Golem Quest spell, items and monsters added
·Images for Mailed Fist updated
·Log wall images change
·Magic arrows added
·Mime is a noob.

Shadow (4/9//06)

· More new images heh.

· Other updates that you need to find.

· If you got old RPGWO files, pictures, screenshots email them to jon


Shadow (4/3//06)

· New monsters

· Some fixes. Fixed the blank usage bug

· Some new images heh.


Shadow (3/22//06)

· More new images.

· New items.

· Fixes and updates.

· Princess won the challenge against Paine.


Shadow (3/16//06)

· Updated some weapons and some monsters (dinos/harpians)

· Made it so the bower carries some throwing items

· Fixed tree images and cactus

· Took the pink square off the token images

· The Paine VS Princess challenge is still on.


Shadow (3/13//06)

· New images and something other things.

· I have a pretty cool idea for a quest if I get time to do it. Kind of like the old temple of og quest.

· The admins listed below were a joke if you have not figured it out yet. lol.


Shadow (3/11//06)

· Shadow Full Wipe.

· Admins as follow

Guin – Lead Admin

Spikke - Dino

Light Elf - Elk

Chris Maritan – Grayvyn

Thanks to all that applied


Shadow Beta (3/10//06)

· New stuff


Shadow Beta (3/5//06)

· Reorder runes. Rune bag probably gets messed.

Updated some player images.


Shadow Beta (3/4//06)

· Update Testing more.


Shadow Beta (3/1//06)

· Update Testing



· Etheria Golems Added.

· Liquid ore can be made into regular ore.

· Ultimate quanth crystals.

· Soul spawns fixed no longer drop elven crossbows.

· Other appeal issuses.

· Have a Happy New Year from the Shadow Team, Look for more updates in 2006.



· Demon Wear Images Fixed.

· Sauron�s forces are growing stronger. His base is being rebuilt deep in the volcano. Ally with Sauron.



· Elven line finished.

· Demon Fixed.

· New Monsters added.

· Fixed some appeal stuff.

·The Gluttons are coming!



· Tailor Pots makable.

· Holiday items added.

· Elven Line Introduced.

· Hessite and Titanium staffs fixed.

· Green Magic has starter spell and whatnot.

· Toxic Armor is Wearable.

· and some other appeal stuff fixed.

· oh and thanks to Some and Stormy for their help J



· Demon items added

· Forest Spirit images fixed.

· Obsidian items are now added to Shadow.

· No more lockout, so you can play forever now.

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