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Here you will find some programs that I made and you can try most
require that you install the files in the main RPGWO folder.

Unofficial Rpgwo Installer

Use this program if you are having trouble installing Rpgwo on your computer and getting some odd error messages.


Rpgwo Level Tester XP Sp 1

Allows you to test maps that you made in RpgwoEdit, you can walk around and do some fighting use this to test a map before you send it to an admin.


Rpgwo Graphics

This handy program handles dragging graphics from image to another so you can easily drag and drop an image and place in one of the Rpgwo graphic bmps without worrying if its lined up or not.


.Rsf to .Map

This program converts your .rsf file from Rpgwo Edit to a .map file. Use this incase you loose your map file but have the .rsf file still.


Map Editor

Well I attempted on improving Rpgwo Edit. I added water, item selection by class, monster selection by level, dumping item list, view next monster and next item


Item Image Number Finder

This is an image number finder. Helps find the image number of an item graphic.


Player Image Number Finder

This is a monster and player image number finder. Useful to find your player image.


Monster Viewer

Views all the monsters in the monsterdef.dat file. Shows the image and level of the monster.


Character Fun

No purpose really just view your dynamic character and change cloths and weapons.


Level Xp

Calculates the amount of XP needed for next level.


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