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Random Quote: "Calren: "I'm writing the review, I'm at the part where I rip admins apart" UT: "rpgwo staff are horrible nasty and unfriendly" Calren: "basically, I've done over 500 words just on why I hate Jay" - Calren



·  Add Sword Sage and Sword Sage weapons

·  If you haven’t noticed yet I have added level 5 blackmagic spells.


·  Tweaked some green magic spells

·  Added Left and Right Horse Statues

·  Added Crossbow Sage Spell

·  Fixed Boomerang spellings.

·  Fixed Chief monster spellings

·  Fixed Sewer Guard monster spelling

·  Fixed Raspberry spellings.

·  Fixed some success and failed message spellings.



·  Fixed Shades wear image. You are no longer headless hehe.

·  Redid the Phobos forums, they are now cooler, I am going to be working on redoing the site.

·  Made a couple PP items.




·  Green Magic Potion makable.

·  Mining Potion Added

·  New Monsters

·  New bow, and flail.

·  Fireplaces can be put out.

·  Jewelry Box, Closet added.

·  Gates for fences.

·  Fixed Hanging lantern pictures

·  Added poison dart and arrows.

· Added sunglasses



·  Crossbow Sage Added

·  Changed how you make Wells.

·  Frog and Pirate flag now transparent.

·  New images for mailed fist for each damage type.



·  Sage Weapons Update.

·  Fixed Toxic Claw.

· Added Ultima Fletching potion.


· Updated the topten system at http://www.rpgwo.net/phobos

Now displays all players, so anyone can check their rank.

· Added two more sages the Bow Sage and Flail Sage.

·Sage Spells are in. They include Demon Scream, Sonic Punches, Earth's Fist, Hot to Cold, Element Blade, Gullotine, Trap Line, Rapid Arrow, Death's Hand, Assassin's rush, Wind Blade

You need to get a sage scroll to find out the combo and each spell is for a weapon skill.

·Tweaked fantasy crossbow, axe of dreams, and elven dagger to use essence steal.



· Made Green Magic spell Flood and Volcano a little cooler.

· Changed animation on Earthquake Spell.

· Added Vexen weapons. Need to make a quest for them though...

· The Weaponsmith traders accept either more bar or ore.

· Tweaked the Al's on the drake armors.

· Added Titanium Shrokrim.

· Fixed drake shield dynamic images.

· Minotaur Sector and Sage Sector setup...

· Sages can give a possible three items, a scroll for a spell, stone, or a weapon.


·  Developed some cool traps to detect if somebody casts firestorm, magic wall, warpstone, or ice fire within a certain range.

· Finished coding the minotaur monsters they look pretty cool.

· Also created some Grayvyn npcs to use in the Grayvyn town.



·  Updated the topten system it is now called leader board and lists the top 20 for now and it generates faster than before. http://www.rpgwo.net/phobos

·  Added another quest, hint elks.

·  Fixed Ruins you can now remove the ruins at each stage.

·  Log doors are now lockable.

·  Some monsters drop Magic Spell Books now and Magic Book.

·  Raised the quest experience given on various npc's.

·  Added leech and jelly fish monsters.

·  Working on sages and minotaur monsters.


·  Sectors for phoenix and eagle changed.

·  Phantom dagger stats changed.

·  Fixed the fishing net.

·  Adjusted some armor Durability’s on drake shields.



·  Added Worn Etheria wand

·  Added Bottom Leather Couches

·  Added alligator, whale, eagle, hawk, falcon, and Phoenix monsters.

· Tweaked some monsters so they now can fly!



· Fort walls can now be knocked down and repaired during sieges.

· Changed the Ruin images, and will slowly turn to nothing over time.

· Added Drake Shields.



· Fixed the spelling of certain items. Pineapple, mortar and pestle, and candelabra.

· Elemental Shrokrims last longer.

· Spent torch’s disappear after while now. Less stuff for me to cleanup heh.

· Adjusted the xp given on spells mostly green magic spells.



· Fixed Sea Monster image.

· Fixed Reindeer Antler drop

· Moo Shields fixable by Tailor.

· Lowered hopefully the spawning rate of chickens heh.

· Zircon scythe lowered to 120 rating.

· Elemental fine arrows and bolts added.



· Fixed a bug with Magma and Toxic Crossbows

· Bow of Distance and Bow of Crushing do better damage now.

· Drake armor lasts longer.

· Sea Serpent and Sea Monsters, and Grayvyn Ships will now chase you if you are on raft!

· Redid some monster drops. Antlers drop again, Onyx Scythes, Molten Blades, Phantom Daggers also drop from most monsters that carry them.

· Onyx scythe is repairable.

· Added three ore scythes, Gold, Zircon, and Hessite.

· Fixed some etheria dynamics.


· Some minor fixes here and there.

· Flaming Mailed Fist gives off light.

· Viking Wands last longer.

· You can now read normal “Key” item.

· Fixed Moo Dancer who drops Hand Crossbow is now crossbow bonus instead of bow.

· The following shields are now repairable Small Round Shield, Large Round Shield, Large Riveted Shield, Large Red Kite Shield, Large Blue Kite Shield, and Large U Shield

· Fixed the spelling of Mole Thief and Evil Elf Thief.

· Mole Thief’s spawn in same sector as Mole Chiefs.

· Add Baby Pig and Pig monsters.

· Add Meteor Extreme I and Meteor Extreme II spells to green magic.

· When you attack Copper, Gold, Silver, Iron, Hessite, Titanium golems they drop liquid of their ore instead of blood.   Need images for Damon and Magma liquids.



· Drakes can now drop Snow, Fire, Magi, Dark, Crystal scales.

· You can now make Snow, Fire, Magi, Dark, Crystal Armor.

· Changed Etheria Wand SkillReq



· Redid many spells damages and cast requirements.

· Lowered the cast spell for casting some green magic spells.

· Fixed the Shadow Ghost image.

· Frost, Fire and Lightning Shrokrims last longer.

· Added Etheria Axe.



·  Added the second town called RoseTown.

·  Added Moo Mansion Quest.

·  You can now repair magma armor, leggings, and helmet.

·  Added Stamina To Mana III spell

·  Moved Deacon Wicken to a harder sector.

·  Magma Mace does Bash damage now.

·  Getting some steel tools ready such Hammer and chisel, saw, plough, pick, shovel.



·  Added some monsters to certain sectors.

·  Changed the mule image.

·  You can now have up to two traders.



·  Read Ancient and First Aid are now free skills.  They were under used and next world first aid will be removed.

· Fixed Magma Mace now does stamina damage.

· Getting ready to add some new armors, capes, helmets and leggings.

· Included RpgwoGraphics.exe in Phobos.files to allow you to align the images better when you send me your artwork.



·  Raised SkillReq for Elven Bow and Crossbow

· Magma Crossbow now needs two hands, and needs the right kind of bolts.

· You can now look though EW Windowed Wall and NS Windowed Wall windows

· You can now get cherry seeds from cherries.

· Warp Keys are back in for Plus Pack Members.

· The large wall is not what it seems to be...Something happened to it.



· Phobos has been hit by a Meteor Storm! Destroying all land and items!

· The people of Phobos have moved to the other side of the planet and a new world  8x8 in total 64 sectors to explore. 



· Farmer's Scythe alembic, mortar and pestal last longer.

· Fixed Ice Fire range is larger and appears on ground.

· Added dynamic's for Elemental Shields and Drake Armor.

· Fixed dynamic images for Etheria amor, leggings, shield, and helmet.

· Fixed dynamic image for Enchanted Crossbow and its skill req.



· Magma Bow and Damon Bow stats tweaked.

· Ice fire spell improved.

· Monsters can now drop green magic wands.

· Elemental shields are in.   They include water, frost, fire, flame, electric, and dual electric shields.

· Need someone to make me the wear images for the elemental shields.



· Just added Mutated Viking Bowman. He is tough, but if you kill him you may get a Viking helmet.



· Fixed bug in repairing certain etheria items.

· Magma Bow now makable.

· Magic Bolts added.
· Added Sea Monster, Shadow Ghost, and a ton of mutated monsters.

· You may see these monsters at the spawns now: Corrupt Soul Corrupt Hound Corrupt Paladin Corrupt Enchantress Corrupt Champion

· Added Moo Mansion quest.  Walk around a bit and you will find it.



· All moo monsters drop bovine hides, so now bovine stuff is now makable including moo shields.

· Ballista burden is now 4000

· Fire places run out faster, small branches now used up on fireplaces.

· Compact Crossbow is now makable, fixed the bug.

· Added ultima white magic potion.

· Fixed assassins scythe speed and damage.

· Added Mad Martigan monster.

· Changed some monsters stats crystal drake, xeros orb and some others.


· New town is now in as you noticed.

· Adding Grayvyn Traders.

· Sprouting Palm Tree’s now are removable.

· /allowmagic was added allows to toggle if spells can be casted on you

or not. Stops deboosting.

· Ballista added for crossbow.


· Added a couple new spells Armor Self IV, Armor Pentaly IV

Nova Other IV, Nova Other V, and Drain Stamina Other IV

· Changed most Green Magic Offense Damage.

· Made some more items makable. I let you find out which ones they are.

· Updated Plus Packages and added some individual items.



· Etheria is now fixable.

· Damon helmet is smeltable.

· Fixed Magma Flail and Claw.



·12 more crossbwos added and are makable

· Maces are coming tomorrow

· I am in need of good pictures for the other weapon skills email them to jon

I already have armor, helmet, legging, cape pictures.



· 15 more daggers added and are makable

· Crossbows are coming tomorrow

· I am in need of good pictures for the other weapon skills email them to jon

I already have crossbow, armor, helmet, legging, cape pictures.



· 15 more bows added and are makable

· Daggers are coming tomorrow

· I am in need of good pictures for the other weapon skills email them to jon

I already have crossbow, armor, helmet, legging, cape pictures.



· 13 Axes added and are makable.

· Wineskins can now be used to drink and store wine.

· Bows are coming tomorrow

· I am in need of good pictures for the other weapon skills email them to jon



· Magma Dynamic image added.

· Iron gates are now removable.

· Fixed some item bugs.

· Working on some new axes and bows.


· Ammo for missile weapons at the shops in town can now be sold and bought in larger quantities.

· Giant Magma golem now makable from Create Giant Golem Spell.

· Hanging lanterns makable.

· Elven Bow and Crossbow are now makable.

· Ore Shields are repairable now, Magma Shield added.



· Some little fixes to certain things



· Redid the sewers. Should be a lot better now.

· Rpgwo.net email is now online. If you purchased a player pack contact me

to set it up for you./span>



· Etheria armor and weapons are now makable.

· News Alert: Grayvyns Finish building their basement of their sea fortress.

· Some more items and usages added.


· Ultima Potions now makeable.

· Added some usages for various things.



· News Alert: The grayvyns are still expanding. They are growing stronger day by day.

· Ore shield dynamics are in.

· Magma Shrokim added.



· News Alert: Grayvyns have been spotted rebuilding their base.

· Added some more monsters/items

· Working on coding some world events.



· Magma Dynamic images for weapons added

· Cooler bridges are makable



· Yeast plants added so you can make your beer.

· New Spell animation for stamina to mana

· Dynamic images for magma armor added, and some other items

· Salt is stackable now.



· Magma Staff makable and repairable

· Magma axe repairable



· Added Magma Staff

· Added Gre rune for green magic.

· Changed some magic rune combos.

· Updated animations for green magic.



· Added Etheria weapons and armor.

· Started work on Ultima potions need to do usages still.

· Received some cool spell animations. Keep

sending your artwork



· Added small well usages.

· Been working on improving the phobos site


In need of some good original artwork for the site.

· Added some tunnels around the town.



· Toxic weapons added.

· Cherry trees added.



· The cooler Fort Walls are makable now.

· Etheria ore can now be made hint magical properties.

· Toxic Armor added.

· Ore Shields added.

· More usages added.



· Added some more monsters such as Bears and Deer.

· Added some more items and usages.

· Green Magic for Plus Pack members.



· Fireplaces are now in and makable.

·  Started offering Phobos Packages

Goto http://www.rpgwo.net/phobos/packs.html

For more information on them.

· Jewelry Making is a lot harder now.

· Added some more items.


Phobos (10/3/04)

· You can now remove Saguaro Cactus with farming.

· Topten’s no longer show admin names.

· Added a couple more items.

· Magma and Damon Golems added (They don’t drop damon)

· Small monsters stats changed a little.


Phobos (10/2/04)

· Finished Topten scripts only shows attributes,

 like level, xp, str, dex, quickness, etc


· Coded a couple more items added.

· Working on a new ore, with some special properties.


Phobos (10/1/04)

· More items are added.

· Fixed some graphics bugs with stone walls.

· Added some more spells.

· Musical Instruments makeable.


Phobos (9/30/04)

· Magma Weapons added.

· Couple new items added.


Phobos (9/29/04)

· Added a couple new blue Magic Spells.

·  You can view Who’s Online by going to


It updates every so often

· I may have lost some emails or my email is just going

really slow for jon /mailsend admin jon

in game instead.


Phobos ( 9/27/04)

· Phobos was wiped, New World now.

· Taking Admin applications email jon

· Updated some Spells.

· Fixed some item bugs and updates some usages.

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