RPG World Online: Phobos Server - Players Online: 16
Random Quote: "Jay: "Mickey, you bastard! You took away admin booting!" UT: "Why must you ruin are admin abusing fun!" Jay: "Were going to cut our wrists with plastic school spoon's now, you just watch!"" - Admin Jay

ONE account per person, NO sharing/giving/trading in any fashion!!! (those caught will be warned then deleted and/or perm banned!!!) Speak to Some Admin to verify more than ONE account in the home.
No training rooms, macroing or training afk (those caught will be subject to banning and having thier land unclaimed - Admins choice).
No harmful spells like firestorm, or using tames to attack people in town AT ALL!!! (those caught will be banned)
No logging to keep from being PK'd, if you've been hit take the death like a man (those caught will be killed upon logging back in).
Do not block town entrances/quests or leave tames in quests unattended (tames will be deleted no warning).
No spawn killing with the use of first aid (those caught will be banned).
House traps are legal if they're on claimed land. (Those who get trapped will be laughed at, NOT WARPED OUT BY AN ADMIN.)
Begging (or even hinting) for events or diety spells may result in being admin killed.
Jaster Reylu is god.
Ruchmathar is a heathen.

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