RPG World Online: Phobos Server - Players Online: 16
Random Quote: "Never ask an admin a question, because the answer is always NO!" - Cripple Aviar


Phobos World Packages

Player Plus Pack - $20

  • An extra land plot, flattened, cleared, and mined out
  • An emergency 'warp-out' card to the town center
  • Custom player image from the player#.bmp files
  • Personal Warp Stone that can only be used by yourself to town.
  • Green Magic Skill - trained specialized
  • Spells include Grow Apple Tree, Grow Mana Plant, Create Trolkin, Grow Animal, Wind, Create Nature Souls, Hurricane, Earthquake, Tsunami, Volcano, Snow Storm, Flood, Freeze, Melt, Meteor Storm, Tornado
  • An RPGWO.NET email forward address
Buy Player Plus Pack (Please remember to include playername,accountname)

Guild Plus Pack - $30

  • A customized guild throne, non-droppable key for each member
  • An invisible text trap for the guild entrance.
  • Another plot of land  for the guild.
  • An invisible history trap
  • Custom player images from the player#.bmp files
  • 1 reasonable monster spawn/guard (ex level 100 and below)
  • Guild Warp Stone to and from a town of choice (Can be locked based on player id or guild)
  • Requires at least 5 members.
  • An RPGWO.NET guild email forward address
  • An RPGWO.NET web account, with guild forums
Buy Guild Plus Pack (Please remember to include playername, guildname, and comments)

Individual Items:

Extra Guild Spawn - $5  Notes: Under level 100

Buy Extra Guild Spawn

Extra Guild Item - $50

Buy Extra Guild Item

Extra Player Personalized Item $50

Buy Extra Player Personalized Item


Q: How do I purchase?
A: Using PAYPAL (www.paypal.com), send the required amount to vbbestgame3@hotmail.com . Make sure you include your client name, your real name and your player name in the comments. I would prefer that you quick on the buy it now buttons above since it allows you to enter your player information.

Q: How long does a pack last?
A: You are guaranteed at least a year.  Guild items may last indefinitely, or for as long as the guild

Q: But we already have to pay for perks!
A: Packages are extra and just add some extra feature. Perks always goes to Mickey via mkudlo@hotmail.com which can be bought for $20 and are for all servers.

Q: Can players order guild keys once it has been bought?
A: Yes, any player can order a guild key. Guild keys can be removed from the player as well,
although only with permission from the guild owner

Q: Why do you charge for these packs?
A: A server costs over hundred dollars a month to run, and costs a lot of personal
time to repair and maintain. The plus packs take some of the financial burden from
the operators of the server, to help it keep running in the long term.

Q: When do the plus packages get activated?
A: Mail me in game /mail @@@Admin Jon  or if I am online just contact me. Have your paypal email handy so I can verify the purchase.

Q: Can't these packs unbalance the world?
A: No, all items and stats are deliberately chosen to make it fair for players who do not
wish to pay.

Q: If I am banned, do I get refunded for my pack?
A: Unfortunately, no. This also goes for quitting the server. Players will never be banned
for an illegitimate reason. Special circumstances may require a different approach to this,
normally a player will get a verbal warning, a short ban and/or a muzzle before getting
a longer ban

Q: Can I provide my own images for these packs?
A: Yes, although they have to be of good quality. Just Email them to jon@rpgwo.net when you purchase your package.

Q: How long does it take for my item to be added?
A: It various depending on what is going on anywhere from a day  to a week, depending on if a graphical change is needed.

Q: What are some examples of personalized items?
A: Miniature Statue of Bob; Bob's Rum; Pyr8 Home Brewed Rum; Bob's Drum Set; Bob's Front Door
Bob's Sword.  Some notes you have to have the item in order to have it personalized.

Q: Do I have to buy a plus pack for each server?
A: Yes you do Plus Packs are currently only on Phobos and Nulona servers.

Q: What are the payment methods for plus pack's?
A: Currently the only way to purchase a plus pack is though paypal.  Which accepts credit cards, you do not have to be a paypal member to purchase these packages.

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