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Random Quote: "Jay: "Mickey, you bastard! You took away admin booting!" UT: "Why must you ruin are admin abusing fun!" Jay: "Were going to cut our wrists with plastic school spoon's now, you just watch!"" - Admin Jay

Message of the Day
The user agreement and rules WILL be enforced! Respect the staff and do as asked EVEN IF IT ISN'T IN THE RULES! Arguing will get you hushed in one form or another.
For Perk activation please /MAILSEND Some Admin the email used for paypal and it will be verified with J0N as soon as possible.
Renames cost 1 token, Images cost 20 for the complete token list see http://stormynight.net/rpgwo/trivialist.txt
If you have an account on arc and you use the same password here as you do there CHANGE IT NOW!!! The arc password list is being passed around.

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