RPG World Online: Phobos Server - Players Online: 16
Random Quote: "Never ask an admin a question, because the answer is always NO!" - Cripple Aviar



·  Updated the topten system it is now called leader board and lists the top 20 for now and it generates faster than before. http://www.rpgwo.net/phobos

·  Added another quest, hint elks.

·  Fixed Ruins you can now remove the ruins at each stage.

·  Log doors are now lockable.

·  Some monsters drop Magic Spell Books now and Magic Book.

·  Raised the quest experience given on various npc's.

·  Added leech and jelly fish monsters.

·  Working on sages and minotaur monsters.


·  Sectors for phoenix and eagle changed.

·  Phantom dagger stats changed.

·  Fixed the fishing net.

·  Adjusted some armor Durability’s on drake shields.



·  Added Worn Etheria wand

·  Added Bottom Leather Couches

·  Added alligator, whale, eagle, hawk, falcon, and Phoenix monsters.

· Tweaked some monsters so they now can fly!



· Fort walls can now be knocked down and repaired during sieges.

· Changed the Ruin images, and will slowly turn to nothing over time.

· Added Drake Shields.



· Fixed the spelling of certain items. Pineapple, mortar and pestle, and candelabra.

· Elemental Shrokrims last longer.

· Spent torch’s disappear after while now. Less stuff for me to cleanup heh.

· Adjusted the xp given on spells mostly green magic spells.



· Fixed Sea Monster image.

· Fixed Reindeer Antler drop

· Moo Shields fixable by Tailor.

· Lowered hopefully the spawning rate of chickens heh.

· Zircon scythe lowered to 120 rating.

· Elemental fine arrows and bolts added.



· Fixed a bug with Magma and Toxic Crossbows

· Bow of Distance and Bow of Crushing do better damage now.

· Drake armor lasts longer.

· Sea Serpent and Sea Monsters, and Grayvyn Ships will now chase you if you are on raft!

· Redid some monster drops. Antlers drop again, Onyx Scythes, Molten Blades, Phantom Daggers also drop from most monsters that carry them.

· Onyx scythe is repairable.

· Added three ore scythes, Gold, Zircon, and Hessite.

· Fixed some etheria dynamics.


· Some minor fixes here and there.

· Flaming Mailed Fist gives off light.

· Viking Wands last longer.

· You can now read normal “Key” item.

· Fixed Moo Dancer who drops Hand Crossbow is now crossbow bonus instead of bow.

· The following shields are now repairable Small Round Shield, Large Round Shield, Large Riveted Shield, Large Red Kite Shield, Large Blue Kite Shield, and Large U Shield

· Fixed the spelling of Mole Thief and Evil Elf Thief.

· Mole Thief’s spawn in same sector as Mole Chiefs.

· Add Baby Pig and Pig monsters.

· Add Meteor Extreme I and Meteor Extreme II spells to green magic.

· When you attack Copper, Gold, Silver, Iron, Hessite, Titanium golems they drop liquid of their ore instead of blood.   Need images for Damon and Magma liquids.



· Drakes can now drop Snow, Fire, Magi, Dark, Crystal scales.

· You can now make Snow, Fire, Magi, Dark, Crystal Armor.

· Changed Etheria Wand SkillReq



· Redid many spells damages and cast requirements.

· Lowered the cast spell for casting some green magic spells.

· Fixed the Shadow Ghost image.

· Frost, Fire and Lightning Shrokrims last longer.

· Added Etheria Axe.



·  Added the second town called RoseTown.

·  Added Moo Mansion Quest.

·  You can now repair magma armor, leggings, and helmet.

·  Added Stamina To Mana III spell

·  Moved Deacon Wicken to a harder sector.

·  Magma Mace does Bash damage now.

·  Getting some steel tools ready such Hammer and chisel, saw, plough, pick, shovel.



·  Added some monsters to certain sectors.

·  Changed the mule image.

·  You can now have up to two traders.



·  Read Ancient and First Aid are now free skills.  They were under used and next world first aid will be removed.

· Fixed Magma Mace now does stamina damage.

· Getting ready to add some new armors, capes, helmets and leggings.

· Included RpgwoGraphics.exe in Phobos.files to allow you to align the images better when you send me your artwork.



·  Raised SkillReq for Elven Bow and Crossbow

· Magma Crossbow now needs two hands, and needs the right kind of bolts.

· You can now look though EW Windowed Wall and NS Windowed Wall windows

· You can now get cherry seeds from cherries.

· Warp Keys are back in for Plus Pack Members.

· The large wall is not what it seems to be...Something happened to it.



· Phobos has been hit by a Meteor Storm! Destroying all land and items!

· The people of Phobos have moved to the other side of the planet and a new world  8x8 in total 64 sectors to explore. 



· Farmer's Scythe alembic, mortar and pestal last longer.

· Fixed Ice Fire range is larger and appears on ground.

· Added dynamic's for Elemental Shields and Drake Armor.

· Fixed dynamic images for Etheria amor, leggings, shield, and helmet.

· Fixed dynamic image for Enchanted Crossbow and its skill req.



· Magma Bow and Damon Bow stats tweaked.

· Ice fire spell improved.

· Monsters can now drop green magic wands.

· Elemental shields are in.   They include water, frost, fire, flame, electric, and dual electric shields.

· Need someone to make me the wear images for the elemental shields.



· Just added Mutated Viking Bowman. He is tough, but if you kill him you may get a Viking helmet.



· Fixed bug in repairing certain etheria items.

· Magma Bow now makable.

· Magic Bolts added.
· Added Sea Monster, Shadow Ghost, and a ton of mutated monsters.

· You may see these monsters at the spawns now: Corrupt Soul Corrupt Hound Corrupt Paladin Corrupt Enchantress Corrupt Champion

· Added Moo Mansion quest.  Walk around a bit and you will find it.



· All moo monsters drop bovine hides, so now bovine stuff is now makable including moo shields.

· Ballista burden is now 4000

· Fire places run out faster, small branches now used up on fireplaces.

· Compact Crossbow is now makable, fixed the bug.

· Added ultima white magic potion.

· Fixed assassins scythe speed and damage.

· Added Mad Martigan monster.

· Changed some monsters stats crystal drake, xeros orb and some others.


· New town is now in as you noticed.

· Adding Grayvyn Traders.

· Sprouting Palm Tree’s now are removable.

· /allowmagic was added allows to toggle if spells can be casted on you

or not. Stops deboosting.

· Ballista added for crossbow.


· Added a couple new spells Armor Self IV, Armor Pentaly IV

Nova Other IV, Nova Other V, and Drain Stamina Other IV

· Changed most Green Magic Offense Damage.

· Made some more items makable. I let you find out which ones they are.

· Updated Plus Packages and added some individual items.



· Etheria is now fixable.

· Damon helmet is smeltable.

· Fixed Magma Flail and Claw.



·12 more crossbwos added and are makable

· Maces are coming tomorrow

· I am in need of good pictures for the other weapon skills email them to jon@rpgwo.net

I already have armor, helmet, legging, cape pictures.



· 15 more daggers added and are makable

· Crossbows are coming tomorrow

· I am in need of good pictures for the other weapon skills email them to jon@rpgwo.net

I already have crossbow, armor, helmet, legging, cape pictures.



· 15 more bows added and are makable

· Daggers are coming tomorrow

· I am in need of good pictures for the other weapon skills email them to jon@rpgwo.net

I already have crossbow, armor, helmet, legging, cape pictures.



· 13 Axes added and are makable.

· Wineskins can now be used to drink and store wine.

· Bows are coming tomorrow

· I am in need of good pictures for the other weapon skills email them to jon@rpgwo.net



· Magma Dynamic image added.

· Iron gates are now removable.

· Fixed some item bugs.

· Working on some new axes and bows.


· Ammo for missile weapons at the shops in town can now be sold and bought in larger quantities.

· Giant Magma golem now makable from Create Giant Golem Spell.

· Hanging lanterns makable.

· Elven Bow and Crossbow are now makable.

· Ore Shields are repairable now, Magma Shield added.



· Some little fixes to certain things



· Redid the sewers. Should be a lot better now.

· Rpgwo.net email is now online. If you purchased a player pack contact me

to set it up for you. jon@rpgwo.net



· Etheria armor and weapons are now makable.

· News Alert: Grayvyns Finish building their basement of their sea fortress.

· Some more items and usages added.


· Ultima Potions now makeable.

· Added some usages for various things.



· News Alert: The grayvyns are still expanding. They are growing stronger day by day.

· Ore shield dynamics are in.

· Magma Shrokim added.



· News Alert: Grayvyns have been spotted rebuilding their base.

· Added some more monsters/items

· Working on coding some world events.



· Magma Dynamic images for weapons added

· Cooler bridges are makable



· Yeast plants added so you can make your beer.

· New Spell animation for stamina to mana

· Dynamic images for magma armor added, and some other items

· Salt is stackable now.



· Magma Staff makable and repairable

· Magma axe repairable



· Added Magma Staff

· Added Gre rune for green magic.

· Changed some magic rune combos.

· Updated animations for green magic.



· Added Etheria weapons and armor.

· Started work on Ultima potions need to do usages still.

· Received some cool spell animations. Keep

sending your artwork to vbgamer45@gmail.com



· Added small well usages.

· Been working on improving the phobos site


In need of some good original artwork for the site.

· Added some tunnels around the town.



· Toxic weapons added.

· Cherry trees added.



· The cooler Fort Walls are makable now.

· Etheria ore can now be made hint magical properties.

· Toxic Armor added.

· Ore Shields added.

· More usages added.



· Added some more monsters such as Bears and Deer.

· Added some more items and usages.

· Green Magic for Plus Pack members.



· Fireplaces are now in and makable.

·  Started offering Phobos Packages

Goto http://www.rpgwo.net/phobos/packs.html

For more information on them.

· Jewelry Making is a lot harder now.

· Added some more items.


Phobos (10/3/04)

· You can now remove Saguaro Cactus with farming.

· Topten’s no longer show admin names.

· Added a couple more items.

· Magma and Damon Golems added (They don’t drop damon)

· Small monsters stats changed a little.


Phobos (10/2/04)

· Finished Topten scripts only shows attributes,

 like level, xp, str, dex, quickness, etc


· Coded a couple more items added.

· Working on a new ore, with some special properties.


Phobos (10/1/04)

· More items are added.

· Fixed some graphics bugs with stone walls.

· Added some more spells.

· Musical Instruments makeable.


Phobos (9/30/04)

· Magma Weapons added.

· Couple new items added.


Phobos (9/29/04)

· Added a couple new blue Magic Spells.

·  You can view Who’s Online by going to


It updates every so often

· I may have lost some emails or my email is just going

really slow for jon@rpgwo.com /mailsend admin jon

in game instead.


Phobos ( 9/27/04)

· Phobos was wiped, New World now.

· Taking Admin applications email jon@rpgwo.com

· Updated some Spells.

· Fixed some item bugs and updates some usages.

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