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Looking for some good Artists for webpage art and in game items/monsters email me at jon AT rpgwo.net with some samples


 Add Sword Sage and Sword Sage weapons

 If you havenít noticed yet I have added level 5 blackmagic spells.


 Tweaked some green magic spells

 Added Left and Right Horse Statues

 Added Crossbow Sage Spell

 Fixed Boomerang spellings.

 Fixed Chief monster spellings

 Fixed Sewer Guard monster spelling

 Fixed Raspberry spellings.

 Fixed some success and failed message spellings.



 Fixed Shades wear image. You are no longer headless hehe.

 Redid the Phobos forums, they are now cooler, I am going to be working on redoing the site.

 Made a couple PP items.




 Green Magic Potion makable.

 Mining Potion Added

 New Monsters

 New bow, and flail.

 Fireplaces can be put out.

 Jewelry Box, Closet added.

 Gates for fences.

 Fixed Hanging lantern pictures

∑  Added poison dart and arrows.

Added sunglasses



 Crossbow Sage Added

 Changed how you make Wells.

 Frog and Pirate flag now transparent.

 New images for mailed fist for each damage type.



 Sage Weapons Update.

 Fixed Toxic Claw.

Added Ultima Fletching potion.


Updated the topten system at http://www.rpgwo.net/phobos

Now displays all players, so anyone can check their rank.

Added two more sages the Bow Sage and Flail Sage.

Sage Spells are in. They include Demon Scream, Sonic Punches, Earth's Fist, Hot to Cold, Element Blade, Gullotine, Trap Line, Rapid Arrow, Death's Hand, Assassin's rush, Wind Blade

You need to get a sage scroll to find out the combo and each spell is for a weapon skill.

Tweaked fantasy crossbow, axe of dreams, and elven dagger to use essence steal.



Made Green Magic spell Flood and Volcano a little cooler.

Changed animation on Earthquake Spell.

Added Vexen weapons. Need to make a quest for them though...

The Weaponsmith traders accept either more bar or ore.

Tweaked the Al's on the drake armors.

Added Titanium Shrokrim.

Fixed drake shield dynamic images.

Minotaur Sector and Sage Sector setup...

Sages can give a possible three items, a scroll for a spell, stone, or a weapon.


 Developed some cool traps to detect if somebody casts firestorm, magic wall, warpstone, or ice fire within a certain range.

Finished coding the minotaur monsters they look pretty cool.

Also created some Grayvyn npcs to use in the Grayvyn town.


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